Strawberry Fields (Better known as Frog Raccoon Strawberry) is a raccoon, but she truly believes she's a frog trapped in a raccoon's body, so she always wears a frog costume. Strawberry, as you can imagine, is a very rediculous individual and enjoys unusual activities like sipping parsnip smoothies and reading the newspaper aloud in pig latin, but she often finds a sense of duty within herself when events in her (often recent) past motivate her to get involved. "A comet hurdling toward the town?! A comet once slapped my uncle!" In the face of adversity, Strawberry calls upon her "inner frog" powers that she only assumes she has. In fact, it often seems like she's making up powers frogs wouldn't even have.


  • Her fur was originally light brown but later where changed to dark orange fur by some reasons.